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Vinyl & Leather DIY Repair Kit

Small area damage to Vinyl and Leather including burns, rips, tears, scuffs, blemishes and holes can quickly and easily be repaired using the DIY Vinyl & Leather repair kit. 

The unique inclusions making this kit the best choice for a DIY repair are:

  • step by step fully illustrated instructions to guide you through the repair process,

  • range of paints and simple colour matching technique that will allow you recreate any surface colour,

  • mini heat gun and compound to build a durable repair, and

  • our unique grain impression product to allow you to reproduce original surface texture.​

Quick Smart Repairs Vinyl & Leather Repa

​Kit contents:

  • Paint x 7 colours that will enable you to produce any colour to match with the original surface of the repair

  • Top sealing coat

  • Fully illustrated instructions with colour matching guide

  • Grain impression putty

  • Repair compound

  • Spatula 

  • Heating tool (excludes gas for international orders)

  • Foam paint brush

  • Stirring stick

  • Alcohol swab

  • Mixing jar

  • Vinyl practice piece

  • Latex gloves

  • Compact carry case


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