Vinyl, Leather & Plastic
Two exclusive Vinyl, Leather & Plastic (VLP) Repair Systems now available! 

Whether you are a vehicle enthusiast engaging in a restoration project, or keen to start your own business or add a new service to your existing business, we have a system for you. 


Our Vinyl, Leather & Plastic repair systems have been carefully designed to incorporate all the necessary quality products, equipment and comprehensive instructions that you will need to produce professional repairs. Additionally we provide you with free continued on the job support.


Using our special repair techniques and simple but effective colour matching process you can repair tears, scratches, gouges, holes, blemishes, fading, cracks, scrapes to all types of vinyl, leather and plastics. 

VLP Business Starter Repair System
Specifically designed for those wanting to start a business in cosmetic repairs or add a service to their existing business.

AU $990.00

VLP Business Starter System 

The Vinyl, Leather & Plastic Business Starter repair system is an innovative system that allows you to become specialised in the repair of vinyl, leather, and plastics so you can establish a fully functional and profitable business or, add value to your existing business.  This system is our core product as it captures a massive and diverse market making it our most versatile and most profitable!


Equipped with the right know how and quality tools and products you can undertake extremely cost effective repairs to an exhaustive array of vinyl, leather and plastic products in no time all; restoring any damage to its original look, strength, flexibility, and finish. 

The Business Starter repair system is easy to use and comes with everything you need to get you started including enough supplies to do around 200 repairs, comprehensive training manual and videos and simple colour matching system incorporating 180 color matching cards. With this compact system you will become a one stop shop and will surely boost your income!

Types of damage that can be repaired using this system 

Leather seat discoloration,stained carpets, door trim damage, faded arm rests, holes in leather steering wheels, phone holes, gouged plastic panels, metallic plastic faciers, worn and faded steering wheels, scratches on plastic, cuts on vinyl & leather, dashboard cracks, interior re-colouring, stained leather, broken plastics, recolour plastics, cigarette burns, pen marks, screw and toggle holes, re-texturise damage surfaces, heel mat replacement.      

Training manuals and online training videos

The Vinyl, Leather & Plastic Business Stater repair system includes instructional online training videos demonstrating real life repair scenarios and a simple to use, comprehensive, fully illustrated step-by-step training manual covering equipment use, types of repairs, commercial applications and estimating.


Also included is a detailed guide on marketing your own repair business that explains how to secure and maintain customers in each of your key target markets like automotive, hospitality, furniture outlets, etc. These extremely powerful marketing strategies are those that we use on a daily basis.  Follow these methods and you will be able to quickly establish a business that is a huge financial success!

AU $990.00

AU $990.00

Vinyl, Leather & Plastic
Real-life Repairs
VLP Pro Repair System
Suitable for the vehicle restoration enthusiast or weekend repairer.

AU $379.00

VLP Pro Repair System

Designed specifically for the restoration enthusiast or casual repairer, the Vinyl, Leather & Plastic Pro repair system is a condensed version of the Business Starter System which includes all the necessary equipment and know how to produce a variety of quality repairs or restore your valuable asset.

Now you will be able to repair unique and rare parts on your vehicle be it classic car, truck, boat or even aeroplane; from dash board repairs, holes, cracks, door trims, seats, steering wheels to virtually anything in vinyl, leather or plastics, bringing it back to its original factory finish.  You can even repair and re-colour your favorite leather lounge to give it a fresh new look!

The Pro Repair system includes a fully illustrated, step by step 'how to' manual (in digital format) that will guide you through every stage of the repair processes, along with a simple colour matching system incorporating 40 color matching cards. 

If you are a vehicle restorer, regular DIY repairer or a car detailer wanting to add a new service to your existing business, then this pro system is designed for you.

We are here to help along the way!  Any challenging repairs you are not comfortable with, then we are available at any time via phone or email to assist.  Simply send us a photo or video call us on WhatsApp and we will talk you through.


AU $379.00

Products of distinction

Stress tested products


Our bonding repair methods and products are stress tested in normal operational capacity - often to a breaking point - to ensure maximum strength, durability and flexibility in a repair.

Quality solvent and water based paints


All paints are not the same and many are designed for specific applications. Global Smart Repair systems incorporate purposely designed paints for vinyl, leather and plastic applications in order to achieve the most durable, colour-fast, and finest finish possible.  We also offer a selection of solvent based (acrylic) paints, and water based paints selected specifically for the international market.


The paints that we use are the same as those used by major automotive and furniture manufacturing companies throughout the world. They contain a UV stabilizer (to eliminate wear and fading) and are formulated to the highest standard.

Smart Impressions


Our Smart Impressions product is the key to our unique grain matching process, enabling you to take an exact replication of any grain pattern in less than 5 minutes. 


Smart Impressions will ensure that every repair is a duplicate of the original finish no mater what grain pattern you are trying to match.  This will give you a perfect repair every time.

Accurate Colour Formulation

Unique colour matching process

Colour matching is a very important feature of conducting a great repair and because it is so important Global Smart Repairs has developed a unique colour matching system to help you with the colour matching process.

We have formulated unique colours commonly used on upholstery and vehicle interiors.  Each of these formulated colours has its own colour swatch so you can quickly and easily match your desired colour.  This eliminates the guess work when matching colours.

Designed for simplicity

With our unique colour matching system all you need to do is match a swatch colour as closely as possible to the colour of the original material.  Then look up the formula code on the back of the swatch, match it with the code in your formula

booklet and mix the required paints.

If the colour is not 100% match, no problem, we show you how to adjust the formula to get a perfect match.  We also teach you to understand how colours work and the techniques of matching without a formula.

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