Velour, Cloth & Carpet

The Velour, Cloth & Carpet repair system is a simple system that will allow you to do high quality, professional repairs on velour and fabric upholstery and carpet to a nearly new condition. Typical damages that can be repaired include; cuts, tears, burns, worn areas and blemishes.

Repairs using this system are extremely cost effective and most can be finished in minutes.  The process replaces missing fibers from the damaged area using our special repair techniques and simple but effective colour matching process.  The result is a strong and invisible repair that will remain soft and flexible, and last for a long time.

The Velour, Cloth & Carpet repair kit is a perfect accompaniment to the Vinyl, Leather & Plastic repair system.  More and more vehicles and furniture are being manufactured with velour, cloth and carpet linings which ultimately means there is an increasing demand for repairs in this area.  So, if you add the skill of repairing velour, cloth and carpet to your knowledge base this will expand your range of services you can offer your clients giving you greater capacity for financial growth. 

Training manual

The Velour, Cloth & Carpet repair system comes with a simple to use, fully illustrated instructional training manual that will guide you through the velour, cloth and carpet repair processes step by step so you can learn how to create a perfect repair every time.

Preview extracts from the training manual

AU $490.00

Velour, Cloth & Carpet
Real-life Repairs
Products of Distinction

Contemporary colour range


Our fibre colour range has been carefully selected to incorporate the most commonly used colours on fabrics and carpet in todays automotive and furniture market.  This makes colour matching simple when conducting repairs.


The colours can also be easily blended, if required, to ensure a perfect match to the hundreds of velour patterns and shades used.



Convenient workcase

The Velour, Cloth & Carpet repair kit is specially packaged in a compact, convenient sized, hard wearing metal case and is strategically laid out for effortless use.