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Personalised Training

Global Smart Repairs not only provides comprehensive illustrated technical training manuals but also offers one to one personalised training to cater for your specific needs and to fast track your learning so you can start making money sooner! 

We recognise that everyone is unique - we all learn at different rates  and have different requirements - so we cater for this in our training programs.  We train on a one to one basis and concentrate on areas you need specific attention with as well as providing guidance on reaching your individual goals. 

All individual training is conducted at your location so we can help you to better understand your work environment and market place. Training is charged at a daily rate plus a once off travel charge regardless of duration. Price to be advised upon inquiry.


Vinyl, Leather & Plastic - 2 days

Velour, Cloth & Carpet - 1 day

Paint Touch Up -  2 days

Plastic Repairs - 1 day

Technical Support

Global Smart Repairs provides continued ongoing support so you can conduct your repair work without the stress of not knowing what to do if a mistake is made.  If you require assistance, simply call us direct - any time - and we will assist you with your concern. We are always here to help.

Training performed on damage in real job environments
Guidance to help you achieve your business goals
Comprehensive training complimented by instructional manuals
Learn how to do a wide range of repairs plus unique tips & techniques
Group training available
Learn our specialised colour matching techniques
Training adapted to suit your personal learning style
Hands on, step by step technical training included
Training conducted at your selected location
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Guidance to help you achieve your business goals