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Comprehensive, compact, and affordable, repair systems and products!



Global Smart Repairs offer innovative repair systems that enable you to establish an instant highly profitable business with very low entry costs, and for those with existing businesses, the ability to expand your services.


Our repair systems are designed to be simple to use and provide you with the flexibility to tailor make your business to suit your needs i.e., mobile, home based, part time, full time, and can be used individually or packaged together so you can offer a diverse variety of services to your customers.

With most businesses you are often limited to just one industry or way of making money but with the Global Smart Repair systems you have the opportunity to take your services to a massive variety of markets in both the commercial and domestic arenas, meaning your potential to succeed and produce profitable results is practically unlimited!

Discover the massive smart repair market

Customers are easily sourced in this massive repair market because you can offer a low cost means of repairing minor damages to an exhaustive array of products, saving them huge amounts of money. It is far less expensive to have an item repaired than replaced moreover, repairs will improve an items appearance thereby increasing its value.

Equipped with our exclusive repair systems together with our fully illustrated comprehensive training manuals, you can develop new skills and create a successful business that: provides you with flexibility, is simple to manage, produces rewarding profits, and affords a great lifestyle!



Vinyl, Leather & Plastic

This system will enable you to repair an extensive range of products including door trims, seats, lounges, consoles and plastic panels; from minor cuts and tears to complete recolouring & restorations. 

Velour, Cloth & Carpet

Cuts, tears, burns, worn areas, and blemishes are common damages found on seats, couches, vehicle linings and carpets that can all be repaired using this unique system.

Paint Touch Up

Compact and powerful, this system will allow you to do an extensive array of repairs from minor touch ups, chips and scratches, to body shop quality repairs including alloy wheels, bumpers, and blemishes without the need for an expensive colour tinting system.

Plastic Repairs

Bumpers, consoles, plastic panels, lugs, headlight casings, fairings, shrouds, chairs are just a few items among an exhaustive list of products that can be repaired. Scratches, gouges, holes, cracks, broken and missing pieces are common damages repaired using this comprehensive system.

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