Plastic Repairs

Making it possible

Until now it has been difficult to conduct small area plastic repairs for a number of key reasons including:

  • difficulty in identifying plastic parts that do not have an identification mark,

  • lack of actual knowledge and available information on how to conduct a repair

  • inability to access a simple plastic repair kit that is designed to overcome these issues.

To meet these challenges, Global Smart Repairs has developed a fully compact plastic repair kit that includes a comprehensive technical manual specifically designed for the automotive industry.  Now, small area automotive plastic damage can be easily repaired making this kit a brilliant accessory for the automotive repair technician!

Comprehensive instruction manual

Included in the kit is a very comprehensive, fully illustrated technical manual which is designed to effortlessly walk you through the process of conducting all types of small area automotive plastic repairs.  This manual has simple step by step instructions on identifying plastics and conducting repairs using the most efficient and effective methods available.

AU $780.00

Plastic Repairs
Real-life Repairs
Products for a Purpose

Quality multi-purpose welding tool

The hot air welding torch is a premium specialised fine detail plastic welding tool.  This unique welding torch is totally mobile, great for use in tight areas, and produces a continuous heat with a temperature range from as low as 50°C up to 1200°C which will allow you to produce very quick repairs to a greater range of damage types and plastics than most other heat guns.

Global Smart Repairs has carefully selected and incorporated in the kit a range of welding rods that reflect the most common types of plastics and plastic blends you will encounter and subsequently need to conduct repairs to automotive plastic parts.

Welding rods for automotive plastics

Unique plastic bonding agents

Included in the kit are industrial strength adhesives used to adhere most common substrates in particular hard plastics such as ABS and Thermoset plastics and plastics that are typically difficult to weld such as PP and TPOs.


Material re-graining products

Our unique moulding and re-graining products will enable you to create an exact replication of any component grain pattern or texture within a matter of minutes.  This will give you a perfect, finished off repair, every time.