Paint Touch Up

The Paint Touch Up repair system is a cost effective method of repairing minor paint damage utilising 168 carefully chosen colours that enables you to mix and match exactly to any colour vehicle in a matter of minutes.  This system is mainly used in the car yard industry and has massive prospects for the domestic market.

Two key processes are used in this system.  The first is the brush touch up for fast, efficient, low cost repairs.  The second, utilises an air brush specifically designed for fine detail and high volume repairs.  This unique air brush is used to spray paint onto micro chips, scratches, scrapes and blemishes - usually found on the front of bonnets and bumper bars.  The surface is then polished off leaving a new quality finish.

Training manual


The paint touch up system also features a simple to use, fully illustrated instructional training manual that will guide you through each step of the paint touch up repair process along with a marketing manual that explains how to source work in your target market.  

AU $2,490.00

Paint Touch Up
Real-life Repairs
Comprehensive Paint Repair System

Three systems in one


The Paint Touch Up system comprises of three systems in one; brush touch repairs, spray repairs and wheel rim repairs.  This means not only will you be able to do thousands of chip and scratch repairs, you will also be able to do body shop quality small to medium sized spray repairs (without the need for a fully equipped expensive tinting system) and metallic wheel rim repairs.  This system is a must for any minor repair technician who wants to capitalize on making more money by working smarter rather than harder.

Quality paints and extensive range of colours

The Paint Touch Up system incorporates a comprehensive range of automotive paints including metallic, pearls and micas that are exclusively manufactured for automotive paint repairs.  Most automotive paints are made up of 45% pigment and 55% thinners meaning poor coverage resulting in a substandard repair. Global Smart Repairs only use paints made up of 70% pigment and 30% thinners meaning better coverage and fill on the damaged area. 


Our unique blend of paint colours (selected for simple colour matching) used together with our specially designed airbrush will allow you to produce a quality finish every time.