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About us

Global Smart Repairs has been conducting small area cosmetic repairs - also known as 'Smart Repairs' - on vinyl, leather, plastics, paintwork, velour, cloth and carpet for over 30 years.  During this time we have developed new and innovative products and systems to enhance durability and appearance of a completed repair and improve efficiency of the repair process. We now share our knowledge and products to help others who would like to be involved in this lucrative industry.

Designed for simplicity, our innovative repair systems will enable you to establish an instant highly profitable business with very low entry costs or expand your existing business with ease.  With an ever expanding demand for repairs in this massive global market your opportunities are endless. 


Our repair systems will also provide you with the flexibility to tailor your business to suit your needs, for example; mobile, home-based, part time or full time, and can be used individually or packaged together so you can offer a diverse variety of services to your customers.

Whether you are interested in starting your own business, adding a new service to your existing business, or perhaps require specialised products to improve your repair results, please continue browsing through our website to view our world class systems and products to find your repair solution.


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