Repair Solutions 

Just want a simple repair kit to repair your damaged item? 

Global Smart Repairs has designed do-it-yourself DIY kits that will enable you to easily conduct small area repairs to your damaged fabric, carpet, vinyl, leather and plastic products.Also available is a kit designed specifically for cracked leather seat restoration.

Each kit comes with fully illustrated step by step instructions, simple colour matching process, and the equipment necessary to conduct an effective repair allowing you to remove any unsightly damage.  

Vinyl & Leather DIY Repair Kit
Fabric & Cloth DIY Repair Kit
Leather Seat Restoration DIY Kit
Plastic Hole & Crack
DIY Repair Kit

Global Smart Repairs offer innovative repair systems that enable you to establish an instant highly profitable business with very low entry costs, or add a new dimension to your existing businesses with ease.

Our repair systems are designed to be simple to use and provide you with the flexibility to tailor make your business to suit your needs i.e., mobile, home based, part time, full time, and can be used individually or packaged together so you can offer a diverse variety of services to your customers.

Vinyl Leather & Plastic Professional Systems
Velour Cloth & Carpet
 Professional System
Paint Repair Professional System
Plastic Repair Professional System

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